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    Any Interest in Threat Focus Training Class at Volusia in early November

    If there is enough interest, I would like to put on a Threat Focus Class somewhere around the first of November (around Nov 4th & 5th if we can get a bay). I am bringing in a guest instructor, Robin Brown (Brownie), but there has to be a firm commitment for him to come back to Florida again. If you are interested please respond and we will see if there is enough interest. Here's the info:

    Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club
    4645 E. SR 44
    New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

    When: Saturday and Sunday, Nov, 2014

    Cost: $450.00 PM me for where to send your 200.00 deposit by snail mail.

    Times: 9am-5pm
    Be on the range by 8:30am to load your ammo, gear up and make ready, we start shooting right at 9am both mornings.

    Requirements: Eye and ear protection; up to 1500 rounds of ammo if you shoot a high cap pistol or up to 1100 rounds for single stack firearms; as many mags/speed loaders as you have; a belt holster and an open mind.

    Course description of skills covered:

    1. The scoop draw
    2. WW2 ½ hip-Elbow Up/Elbow Down: [EU/ED]
    3. WW2 ¾ hip-hand/eye coordination with and without movement along with the now highly anticipated gunfighter drill using this skill on cans placed downrange [shooting gallery exercise].
    4. Zipper
    5. Bump-2 body and 1 head shot from the hip at 4-6 feet from the holster:
    6. Quick Kill Hip: multiple threats from the hip
    7. Compressed ready: two handed
    8. Quick Kill: one and two handed
    9. Sprint and Hits
    10. Hiding behind a wall of bullets in-line and obliquely
    11. EU/ED with movement
    12. WW2 point shoulder

    A well made strong side holster and sturdy belt will be required for this course. We will be drawing from the holster 90% of the time all weekend. A holster will allow the students be able to re-holster an unloaded firearm and be safe once off the firing line while reloading mags/speed loaders without having to handle the firearm until returning to the line. No BH Serpa holsters on the range that weekend.

    These skills are reactionary in nature, similar to having to draw from the holster out on the streets if one needs to defend themselves. I understand some may use a cross draw holster, or fanny pack, or perhaps pocket carry presently, but once students have completed the course, I believe they'll find the benefit of a good strong side outside or inside the waistband holster with their future carry requirements.

    Kydex or leather is acceptable. I use both in classes and either will suffice equally with the skills covered.

    If you want to secure your slot for this course, please respond here and I'll add your name to the running list we'll get started. No deposits due on this one until August so save your pennies, I'm giving everyone who would like to attend enough notice so they can secure their ammo allotments for this one.

    Any questions about the course, the materials listed we'll cover, etc don't hesitate to ask.

    First 20 get a slot and we’ll take alternates if we run over on this one.
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    I'm definitely "in."
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